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Traditional and authentic original handloom sarees sourced directly from the weavers of India

A Saree is a truly unique and versatile garment that owns its identity even as it transcends boundaries and geographies. Here, we honor the finesse, the timeless craftsmanship of Indian weavers who create sarees that are so rich in tradition with a casual existence of glamour. Sarees in India are a way of life that exhibits sheer grace and celebrates the body and beauty of every woman.

Sharing the six yards of elegance, Very Much Indian brings you the finest Indian handloom sarees that are exceptionally designed, pure, and premium.

Indian Sarees Online
Indian Sarees Online - curvy woman
Slony Gambhir, Founder of Very Much Indian - Sarees
Slony Gambhir
Founder, Very Much Indian

From a textile business family in Yeola, Very Much Indian’s founder, Slony, gained early exposure to business acumen. After a 10-year corporate career, she followed her true ambition, starting with 15 sarees on loan. Initially, her father didn’t like her idea of leaving a financially stable job to set up her business, but with support from her husband, she went ahead to make her dream come true - thus, Very Much Indian was born.

Overcoming initial objections, with support from her husband, she launched Very Much Indian, a brand reviving heritage sarees, particularly Paithani, in pure silk and cotton. Today, their commitment to handloom empowers over 800 weavers across India.

Do you remember the first time you learned to drape a saree? Do you remember how you grew up watching your mother drape it? The saree in its various avatars adorns women from the sub-continent and a few other Asian countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand. Sarees are like the women that it drape – Versatile! From business meetings to wedding nights, from political speeches to red carpets, from college farewells & corporate boardrooms to the kitchen, they truly have many avatars.

Very Much Indian is proud to share the timeless tradition of saree. Their sarees honor the Indian weavers and celebrate the beauty of every woman. With customized designs that suit every body type, they offer sarees that blend tradition, modernity, and everything in between.

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